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You're searching for a house or appartment in cologne?

In cologne the demand for houses and appartments is exceeding the offer by far. Especially in the rental market the offers are already gone before they appear in newspapers, or the internet.  

Is it hopeless to find the right place? No, it is not. We are going to support you.

Step 1: Let us know which kind of property you're targeting and which area you prefer, by using the contact form. We'll register you in our database and as soon as there is a new vacancy, we'll contact you immediately.

2.Step 2: If you want to accelerate your hoomesearch, use our house search advertising service. Depending on the type property and the area, we're placing search adverts for you and we're also preselecting the offers for you. If we are successful, we're deducting the costs from the commission. 


Please give us a call to discuss your needs and the ways forward, or use our contact form.  contact


Stress-free moving with your adviser for move

Our adviser help you to organise your move to cologne.

Here’s a checklist for your relocation and some tips and informations.

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Move by a removal company

4 versions:

  1. Loading and unloading (most convenient)
  2. Dismounting and buildup
  3. All-inclusive
  4. Relocation-service

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